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  China Railcom(abbreviated as "China Railcom") is approved by the State Council, Ministry of Information Industry, register State Industry & Commerce Administration and Ministry of Railways and Railway Bureau affiliated unite( group company provide funds altogether to set up stat-owned large-scale enterprise, company's assets totaling 13, 600 million RMB and registered capital 10,300 million RMB.The company of 16 shareholder, of
which Ministry of Railways accounts for 51% of the shares , other 15 shareholders consists 49%. 69,000 staff are working there. Company was established on December 26 2000, managed directly by Ministry of Railways at present, accepting the State Council telecommunication trade management of relevant industrial department at the same time. The company is the independent legal person's entities of the independent management with profit-and-loss responsibility. China Railcom company as domestic new nationwide public telecommunication operator implement the company and branch company management system, In municipality directly under the Central Government, provincial capital, autonomous region provincial capital, and some large and medium cities and areas set up branch companies. China Railcom company had already developed considerable long-distance communication network, local exchange network, data network, integrated information service network, etc. With a stronger advantage in such aspects as integrality, coverage rate, technical equipment of the network, it has set up nationwide telecommunication network and developed advantage and infrastructure resource of business, meanwhile it has one excellent technical forces to maintain system complete, command high unified and experienced telecommunication service system.

  Dalian Software Park lies in cultural area of scientific research of the universities. It covers more than 30 famous such as Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, Dalian Railway Istitute, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian Institute of Chemical Pyhysics, etc., with about 6000 computer and relevant professional graduates. Relying on the adjacent schools of higher education, Dalian Software Park actively promote the software at all levels and specialized education of foreign languages.Following the first specialized
software institute run by the local people in China ?Neusoft Institute of Information Technology, Software institute of Dalian Railway University was founded in 2002.
China International Talent Exchange Foundation (hereafter referred to as "foundation") is approved by Chinese Government to offer fund supports and relevant non-profit organization of service for promoting international talent's exchanges and cooperation, with the management and guidance of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. "Foundation" was established in 1985, according to China economic development at the beginning of 2001, it was recombined and strengthened. Main tasks of" foundation" are to manage, operate subsidies from government and present the fund both at home and abroad by subsidy. Through fund supports and introduction of foreign relevant service of intelligence, support and promote the cooperation and talent’s exchanges among China’s domestic enterprises (especially high- tech enterprise), developing institutions, schools and relevant organizations, the foundation operates international talent's exchanges and cooperation and serve for reform and opening up to the outside world and modernization construction of China. The business scope of" foundation" includes: collect, use, manage international professional resources exchange fund and relevant various kinds of special funds, invite experts to China to work, organize the domestic personnel's local and overseas places to be trained, Support and introduce foreign intelligence popularization and demonstration construction of base of achievement, support the research and development of the new high-tech industry, offer international professional resources exchange relevant advisory service , utilize relevant financial means to make principal value preserve and appreciate.
Sunshine Century Group, Inc., founded in October, 2001, is a complex group dealing with the good-sized development of real estate and theme parks, co-investment in education industry, decorating projects, project contracting, and comprehensive apartment management. It includes six independent corporate enterprises: Dalian Lushun Sunshine Century Realty Development Company, Ltd., Dalian Huatong Xiyanghong Realty Development Company, Ltd., Dalian World Peace Park Company Ltd., Dalian Sunshine Century Education Investment Company, Ltd., Dalian Sunshine Century Designing and Decorating Company, Ltd., and Dalian Sunshine Apartment Management Company Ltd..

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