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Software Basics Office
It was founded in December, 1993. It covers computer basic courses of non-computer majors of SI: consisting of computer basics, C++, VF, computer software technology, management information system, and software engineering.

Computer Networking office

Once a computer science & technology office in Electrical Information Institute, it established a new major—networking engineering—in 2005 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It offers not merely major-related courses to major students, but basic networking courses to all the non-majors of the Dalian Jiaotong Unversity.

Software Study Office
Founded in October, 2005, and formerly a division of Electrical Information Institute—computer software office, Software Study Office undertakes the teaching load of graduates of computer applications and their practice and graduation designs; and it is also in charge with the teaching, practice and graduation design of the undergraduates who major in computer science & technology and double-major undergraduates (five-school year). 

Software Development & Testing Office 
Software development & testing is a complex subject involving computer science, mathematics and management. Using principles and approaches of traditional engineering for reference, it aims at developing software of high quality, with high efficiency and at low costs.

Biotechnology Study Office
Biotechnology Study uses computer as the most important tool to collect, store, distribute, select, process, analyze and research the increasing up-to-date data concerning with the biology, establish new theoretical models to guide researches and experiments.

Software Engineering & Project management Office
Software Engineering & Project management Office mainly takes on the teaching and researching work concerning with Software Engineering and Project management of Dalian Jiaotong University and our institute.

E-commerce & E-Administration Office 
The teaching staff of this office presided over and participated in several different national, provincial and city teaching and scientific research programs, and they already published more than 30 academic papers. “The Theory and Application of Database” is listed as Best Course of our university and is being prepared presently, one of this office’s academic researches won the first prize of our university.

Embedded System Office
Embedded System Office was established in October, 2005. The Office undertakes teaching, experiment conduction, graduate papers and graduate practice for embedded system-directed undergraduates. Graduates of this major are supposed to possess the ability to engage in software development, hardware designing and embedded system designing involving both software and hardware.

Computer Games Designing Office

The Office is responsible for researches ranging from multimedia technology, to computer graphics & digital art, and to flash and game designing etc.. It can cultivate designing professionals in good command of basic theories on multimedia art designing, and with originality and pioneering ability to develop.

Foreign Language Office
Foreign Language Office offers English and Japanese to all the five-year non-English majors and two-year college majors studying in the Software Campus. Besides, foreign teachers from the United States, Canada, and Japan give oral English and oral Japanese classes. The FLO consists of mainly Chinese young teachers and secondarily English and Japanese native speakers; it is an enterprising team full of vigor and energy.

Administration Division
Administration Division is a comprehensive working unit dealing with the Party and administrative affairs in the Software Campus. It mainly serves as an active assistant of the leadership, as a superintendent of school policies and as a coordinator of different divisions. It is in charge of all the key issues and other comprehensive management in SI in the hope of offering a service with a high efficiency and a good quality.

Academic Affairs Division
Academic Affairs Division is a functional sector under the leadership of the president and the teaching-in-charge vice-president, which presides over educational and teaching affairs of all levels.

Students Affairs Division 
Students Affairs Division is a functional sector responsible for students management and their daily life affairs. It is subdivided into the CYL Committee, three Discipline Officers’ and Students’ Psychological Health Center.

Financial Affairs Division

Financial Affairs Division operates on a financial institution of “uniform guidance and separate management”. “Uniform guidance” indicates that it is run under the uniform financial policy, uniform financial plan of incomes and expenses, uniform financial regulations and rules, uniform resource distribution and uniform financial affairs administration.

Logistics Division
Logistics Division was founded in July, 2004. All its staff members are attempting to provide humanistic service according to the work schedule and trying to probe the working method suitable for SI from practice.

Graduate Division
DJTU is qualified for granting Doctoral degree and Master degree. Graduate education here dates back to 1978, became qualified as the second group in the nation in January 1984 and was founded in1986.DITU started to grant Doctoral degree in June 1998, and in 1997, it was entitled to conduct the work relevant to granting Master degree to Incumbency personnel of equal educational level.

Scientific Research Division
Scientific Research Division was founded in October 2005,which is responsible for the organizing, coordinating and administrating of the scientific research in SI.

External Affairs and Employment Instruction Division
The new setup aims at providing excellent service by means of communication and takes the duty of giving publicity to SI, developing external relationship and research; moreover, it still needs to offer instruction and counseling to the graduates.

Lab Management Center
It has been working actively to provide aid to teaching. To meet the need of the development of SI, Lab Management Center plans to set up new labs so that it can offer better condition to the students in practicing what they have learnt.

Computer Networking Center
Computer Networking Center was founded in October, 2005 under the leadership of Administration Division, whose duty is to design and set up the campus-wide network, to conduct its operation and to develop its information system.

IBM Technology Center

IBM Technology Center, founded on the basis of College Cooperation Program Agreement on IBM Mainframe System signed with IBM in February, 2005, is a teaching and experimental institution for computer courses co-establishment, technological development and personnel cultivation.

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